How about me?

Published on Feb 19, 2021 by

Hi everyone, my name is Marcos Vinicius Jacobs, as you already noticed (I think). So, here I’ll try to tell a little be of who I am, some of my experiences, what I’ve been working for, etc.

Well, I’m 27 years old and I’ve been working as a software engineer for almost 5 years (since 2016). In these years, I dedicated 4 years and a half working with web applications (Angular 2/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11 and .NET Core 2/3 and Framework 4.x).

Right now I’m a senior software engineer at XP Inc., helping to transform the financial market to improve people’s lives.

In fact, I always loved web programming, so previously, I made some Wordpress themes and widgets, and for a few years (2010-2014) I created and maintained a blog called Gerenciando Ideia’S (it is still online because I’m emotionally attached to it).

And that’s it. You can reach me on Twitter, GitHub or Linkedin.